The Arctic Sounder Serving the Northwest Arctic and the North Slope en-us 2017 Alaska Newspapers, Inc. Tue, 27 Jun 2017 15:40:36 CDT 1440 The Arctic Sounder Old cassette tapes spur preservation questions Hundreds upon hundreds of old cassette tapes holding some of the Northwest Arctic's most precious oral histories are getting closer and closer to falling apart. Fri, 12 Feb 476743 19:02:05 CST The first kill Like those who came before, I plan to teach my kids what I know Wed, 16 Dec 476742 22:08:45 CST Alaska State Troopers report On June 4, the village police officer in Kiana responded to a disturbance in the village just after midnight. Following an investigation, the officer found Patrick Burgo, 24, of Kiana, had assaulted one of his family members, who refused treatment from health aides. A warrant was issued for Burgo and he was arrested on June 15. He was then remanded to the Kotzebue Regional Jail on one count of assault in the third degree, one count of unlawful contact in the first degree, and for violating conditions of his release. Thu, 26 Nov 476742 04:55:25 CST In Brief Noatak family day to include community walk Sat, 21 Nov 476742 05:28:45 CST Who Done It Esther F. Rexford, 24, of Utqia#289;vik, pleaded guilty to the class A misdemeanor charge of driving under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance and reached a plea agreement. She was then found guilty of the charge. She was sentenced to 30 days in jail with 27 days suspended. She must pay a fine of $1,500, due within one year. She must also pay a $75 police training surcharge, an initial jail surcharge of $100, and a cost of imprisonment at the rate of $66 for the first three days. She has been ordered to contact North Slope Borough Behavioral Health and complete a screening, evaluation, and recommended treatment, and submit proof to the court by April 23, 2018. Her driver's license has been revoked for 90 days and she has been placed on probation for one year during which time she may not possess, consume, or buy alcohol by order of Magistrate Judge David Roghair, effective June 13. Tue, 17 Nov 476742 12:35:25 CST Inuit Circumpolar Council marks 40th anniversary Organization to hold its general assembly in Utqiaamp;#289;vik next year Fri, 13 Nov 476742 14:08:45 CST Risks are relative, even in Alaska This week, many eyes in Alaska turned in horror to watch the story of a 16-year-old boy who was running near Anchorage in a trail race when he was killed by a black bear. It's a story that grabs so many of us mdash; those with children, those who want to enjoy the outdoors of Alaska, runners, hikers, and adventurers. While some of the shock is genuine sympathy for the young man who lost his life, most of us will admit it's our own mortality or the mortality of our loved ones we think about when we hear a story like that. And it's not something we like to think about. Tue, 10 Nov 476742 05:35:25 CST Naming rights and the battle for oil on federal land It would be easy to justify oil exploration in something called the "Arctic Oil Reserve," a name once invented by the Alaska congressional delegation for a portion of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Fri, 6 Nov 476742 23:48:45 CST Where we stand on Alaska's fiscal plan This week, in the absence of a true and complete fix to the state's fiscal crisis from the Alaska Senate, the House passed, with bipartisan support, an amendment funding a full Permanent Fund dividend as provided by law. Mon, 2 Nov 476742 00:22:05 CST China market offers opportunities for salmon sales China holds big promise to become a top customer for Alaska salmon, and not just for the bright red fillets. Thu, 29 Oct 476742 15:48:45 CST