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Opinion: Thanks for help with fireworks

January 12th 1:15 pm

Thank you everyone who helped with the 2018 New Year's fireworks show in Kotzebue. The 2018 New Year's community fireworks show did not light up the sky in Kotzebue at midnight New Year's Eve, due to the high winds and blizzard conditions. This year's [...]

Opinion: Opening offshore to oil development is good news

January 12th 12:35 pm

When the environmental lawsuit industry is hopping mad about something, chances are news is good. Last week's news is a perfect example. Ryan Zinke, a former U.S. Navy Seal who also happens to be the U.S. secretary of the interior, looked at America's [...]

Opinion: SpaceX engineer developed skills in rural Alaska

January 12th 12:35 pm

Ben Kellie took a short path from helping his bush pilot father in Nikiski to launching SpaceX rockets in California. Now he's back working in rural Alaska aviation, but with skills for technology innovation he learned in the commercial space industry.

Opinion: Five 2018 resolutions for Alaskans

January 5th 8:00 pm

Every winter, as the year rolls over, many embark on the annual tradition of setting New Year's resolutions. So many of those pledges are bound for failure — resolutions to give up favorite foods, start new diets and run a marathon by the end of the [...]

Opinion: My personal Pebble, version No. 2

January 5th 7:59 pm

It has been four years since I made my personal opinion on Pebble project, a project that has not, will not, and cannot begin unless its study and plans are scrutinized by Environmental Protection Agency, State of Alaska and the public grant needed [...]

Opinion: In 2017, we learned what men shouldn't do. What's next?

January 5th 7:58 pm

In 2017, a cultural movement crested for the protection of women from harassers. But it will be some time before we understand what that means for men. Many of us men are socially incompetent, shy, inexperienced or clueless. Often, we lack both [...]

Opinion: ANWR will not save us

December 29th 9:01 am

This week, many in the Arctic and Alaska celebrated news that portions of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge will soon be opened to oil and gas drilling thanks to the recently passed tax reform bill, which included the ANWR provision. Opening ANWR has been [...]

Opinion: Budget spends smartly on capital projects

December 29th 9:01 am

I believe in Alaska. Our state and our people have set the course for a good, secure future. Last week, I unveiled my administration's budget proposal for fiscal year 2019. At $4.7 billion, it encapsulates our vision for a safer, stronger and smarter state, [...]

Opinion: How strangers rescued an elderly homeless woman

December 29th 9:00 am

Despite having a state guardian and money, Cook had been left on the streets

Opinion: Tax bill, ANWR opening gives Alaskans cause for celebration

December 29th 8:59 am

The substantial benefits of responsible development cannot arrive soon enough

Opinion: Holiday memories conjure up magic celebration of food and family

December 22nd 5:19 pm

The boxes would start arriving in early December. As the light dwindled, the trips up the big, concrete steps of the post office were filled with excitement. My sister and I eagerly clutched the slips of paper heralding some cardboard-encased wonder from far [...]

Opinion: A better future for the holidays

December 22nd 5:19 pm

Trump should sign ANWR legislation to boost Alaska economy, U.S. energy dominance

Opinion: State guardian left 76-year-old homeless, despite having family

December 22nd 5:18 pm

On the day before Thanksgiving, the Alaska Psychiatric Institute sent a medically fragile 76-year-old woman in a cab to the Brother Francis Shelter. She is still living there, and on the streets of Anchorage. Virginia Cook, who suffers from bipolar disorder, [...]

Opinion: Scrooge ascendant: Kids' health care goes begging

December 14th 11:01 pm

You'd think funding a program providing medical care to low-income children would be a no-brainer. Apparently not true in today's poisonous political climate. In today's political climate, even immunizations for poor children become a football to be booted [...]

Opinion: Report card gives humans failing grade in planet stewardship

December 14th 11:01 pm

In my greenhouse, the kale is growing again. It took a hit a month ago when temperatures dropped to single digits at night, and I thought it was dead for sure. But the past two weeks have been warm and rainy. The snow that we got in November has given way to [...]

Opinion: How lifers in Alaska prisons can help rehabilitate convicts

December 14th 11:00 pm

Men who committed some of Alaska's most heinous crimes could help rehabilitate other inmates and save money for the Department of Corrections. The suggestion comes from lifers themselves, prisoners whose long sentences mean they may never get out. After [...]

Opinion: Dark days call for dose of D

December 8th 3:52 pm

It's dark, pretty much no matter where you live in Alaska right now. We're in the tunnel; the one that makes most of America shake its head in disbelief that people actually live where the sun shines so little, if it all. But Alaskans by-and-large deal with [...]

Opinion: Alaska gasline LNG project: The time is now

December 8th 3:51 pm

Mid-June 1970: one of the most important days in my life. It rained, as I waited in line outside a trailer in Johnson's Trailer Court in Valdez to receive my first dispatch. That day, I received my first dispatch ticket from Laborer's 341 business agent Jim [...]

Opinion: Sugar-coated holidays hold a host of health concerns

December 1st 7:32 pm

Turn on your radio and you'll hear loud and clear — the holiday season is upon us, with all its bells and whistles. But it's not just the airwaves that will be assaulted this holiday season, it is our health as well. Holidays have long been linked [...]

Opinion: Mother hopes to save her son by telling the story of her own lifelong addiction

December 1st 7:32 pm

I am a heroin addict to the core, Robbin Muninger told a room full of people — a group in a church basement gathered to talk about the drug crisis. "I have to have pain medication, but I cannot be trusted with a bottle of Vicodin," she said. "For me, [...]

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