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Opinion: Jonrowe's extraordinary career will echo long after her retirement

September 22nd 2:11 pm

DeeDee Jonrowe announced this week that this winter's Iditarod race, her 36th, would be her last, sparking reflection from many on the extraordinary career of a woman who inspired many with her tenacity and strength. At 63, Jonrowe's accomplishments on the [...]

Opinion: A fourth of Alaska students are chronically absent. No wonder test scores are so bad.

September 22nd 2:10 pm

A major reason for Alaska's poor school performance is that too many parents don't care about education. You can get a great education from Anchorage schools and from many other schools around the state. I'd stack up my children's academic opportunities with [...]

Opinion: The path to health is a series of simple choices

September 15th 8:40 am

In Dillingham, likely the oldest practicing doctor in the state is going strong at 81. His prescription for long life? Move. Dr. Dan O'Connell has been walking every day for decades. Before he walked, he ran. We are made to stay in motion, he said. It's that [...]

Opinion: This year, Alaska aims to expand access to health care and cut costs

September 15th 8:40 am

In Alaska, we pay more for health care than do most Americans. In much of the United States, a medical emergency typically means a $400 ambulance ride. In Alaska, it often means a $50,000 medevac across unforgiving terrain and through unpredictable weather.

Opinion: Setting Mayor Brower's record straight

September 15th 8:39 am

My name is Charlotte Brower and I am the former mayor for the North Slope Borough. Since I left office, I have done my best to refrain from comment on matters pertaining to the North Slope Borough. I understand the challenges every mayor faces, and have felt [...]

Opinion: Active pursuit of common ground only way to bridge political divide

September 8th 11:31 am

A couple nights ago, I had the pleasure of meeting a fellow who lived in rural Alaska for many decades and had been deeply involved in the communities he lived in as an elected official and emergency responder. We started out the conversation on common [...]

Opinion: In September, celebrate gifts of recovery

September 2nd 1:07 am

September is National Recovery Month, a time to highlight recovery from mental health and substance use disorders. This month is for honoring the warriors among us who have faced the hardships of alcohol abuse and lived to tell the tale. Today is for sharing [...]

Opinion: Alaskans should heed warning of Houston floods, other extreme weather

September 2nd 1:06 am

Even with the fall storm pounding Alaska with rain this week, it's hard to imagine the world as residents of Houston are experiencing it this week. One day, water moves peacefully through your city in safe canals and rivers; the next, it rises up and floods [...]

Opinion: Alaskans must protect children from danger of having firearms in the home

August 25th 11:50 am

There are few things more heart-wrenching to read about than a child shooting another child, or themselves, by accident, especially if you are a parent, or someone who works with children, or someone who has ever seen a child, or anyone with a pulse, for that [...]

Opinion: Trump's 'defining moment'? Suggesting those who espouse hate have moral equivalence with those who decry it

August 25th 11:49 am

President suggested those who espouse hate have moral equivalence with those who decry it

Opinion: David gambled with Goliath in a landmark North Slope oil lease fight. Goliath won.

August 25th 11:48 am

In trying to protect his wealth as a younger man, Fairbanks pharmacist made questionable investments

Opinion: Education is worth investing in as a community

August 18th 10:46 am

In our household, there's one week left before school starts up. That means one week left to wean my children off late nights and even later mornings, and a return to a more structured week with regular dinners and bedtimes and piano lessons and the like. It [...]

Opinion: Carbon monoxide is an often overlooked threat

August 18th 10:45 am

As a weatherization professional, I spend a lot of time investigating indoor environmental problems, and am well aware of the dangers of carbon monoxide, or CO, the invisible, colorless gas produced by common fuel-burning appliances such as boilers, ovens, [...]

Opinion: Going home, after 20 years of drinking

August 18th 10:45 am

One man's sincere struggle to leave the streets of Anchorage Melvin Ivanoff stood up at a meeting of Alaska Native men and said he was afraid he would soon be on the streets again. Ivanoff stayed drunk and homeless in Anchorage for 20 years. He was one of [...]

Opinion: Message from the new publishers of the Alaska Dispatch News

August 18th 10:43 am

This weekend, we made a bold first step to ensure the future of the Alaska Dispatch News going forward. At the same time the paper has filed for bankruptcy protection, we've entered an agreement to purchase the ADN and immediately take control of the [...]

Opinion: Deadly year at sea reminds us that perceptions about PFDs are outdated

August 11th 10:05 pm

If you follow the news regularly, you read a lot of sad circumstances. Families die because of carbon monoxide poisoning from their stove, people perish when their car spins out of control on a winter drive, or someone gets buried in an avalanche. There is no [...]

Opinion: Alaska Wild Salmon Day: Dinner's up

August 11th 10:05 pm

It's been a good summer for Alaska wild salmon. Sport anglers from across the state and across the globe are enjoying world-class fishing. An epic Bristol Bay sockeye run brought a record season to gillnetters and processors. Yukon kings are back in higher [...]

Opinion: Alaska should declare sexual assault state of disaster

August 11th 10:04 pm

By now, most Alaskans are woefully aware of the alarming reality. Alaska's sexual crime rates are three times higher than the national average, and child sexual assault rates are six times the national average. A 2016 state report confirms that, [...]

Opinion: Air carrier should offer more flexibility for residents of rural communities

August 4th 10:17 am

I am writing to share my thoughts and concerns with our local flight options for our villages within the North Slope Region. The villages of Pt. Lay, Wainwright, Atqasuk, Nuiqsut, and Kaktovik rely on RAVN for air transportation between our hometowns and the [...]

Opinion: Foray into complete unknown has been deeply rewarding

August 4th 10:16 am

For the past month, I've had no idea what I was doing, and it was awesome. Three years ago, my family planted a quarter-acre field with peony plants. We had researched the crop and liked what we heard. The plants are well-suited to many areas of Alaska. [...]

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