Alaskans face void on Arctic policy

May 26th 12:35 am

For the rapidly warming Arctic, where people may be anxious about climate change, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson last week had some soothing words. The Arctic Council, the eight-nation group that the United States chaired until May 11, "has proven to be an [...]

Adults, youth learn to recognize ripple effect

May 26th 12:34 am

Every action has a ripple effect. Depending on the choices each and every person makes, that effect can be positive or negative, so it's important to choose wisely. That was both the theme and the takeaway of the second annual OPT in Kiana youth conference, [...]

Capitol room named for late Arctic leader

May 26th 12:31 am

Memory of the late Arctic leader Rep. Albert "Al" P. Sikkiagruk Adams will live on in perpetuity at the state Capitol with the naming of a room in his honor. The Legislature passed a resolution to dedicate to him the House Finance Committee meeting room in [...]

Opening ANWR to oil drilling is a priority in Trump's proposed budget

May 26th 12:30 am

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump made clear Tuesday that opening the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil and gas drilling is among his top priorities, with provisions included in his 2018 budget request. The president's request, release in [...]

CH2M Hill subsidiary to cut 147 jobs after losing North Slope contract

May 26th 12:28 am

Nearly 150 people will lose their jobs after a CH2M Hill subsidiary lost a North Slope contract to a competitor, sparking fears among union and state officials that the primarily Alaska workforce will be replaced by a large number of Outside employees during [...]

Contaminants give clues on health of the north

May 26th 12:27 am

FAIRBANKS — An environmental mystery lies in the remote Aleutian chain, the archipelago that stretches to Asia: Why do endangered Steller sea lions, birds and marine and freshwater fish in America's westernmost islands have bodies with elevated levels [...]

State needs help fighting 'blob' above Dalton Highway

May 26th 12:26 am

In a race against time, state transportation officials plan to move a nearly mile-long section of the Dalton Highway so it doesn't get T-boned by a giant mass of frozen debris believed to have been oozing downhill like a glacier for hundreds of years.

Rural school districts eye new subsistence calendar

May 26th 12:26 am

In what is a unique solution for one of Alaska's most unique school districts, the Lake and Peninsula School District (LPSD) will change to a school year based around subsistence activities, in order to save money. The Lake and Peninsula School District is [...]

Lawmakers to end subsidies for oil companies

May 26th 12:24 am

JUNEAU — The Alaska Senate approved a House proposal Monday to repeal a cash-subsidy program for oil companies. But a debate is still raging between the two chambers over what to do about the subsidies the state already owes but hasn't paid. The [...]

Legislature OKs all but one of Walker's appointees

May 26th 12:24 am

JUNEAU — Alaska lawmakers on Tuesday voted to confirm 97 of Gov. Bill Walker's 98 appointees to executive branch positions — with the sole exception of Drew Phoenix, a transgender man appointed to the state commission that protects human rights.

Iditarod toughens restrictions on hauling dogs, keeps cell phones

May 26th 12:23 am

Iditarod mushers who want to haul resting dogs during next year's 1,000-mile race to Nome will face further restrictions, following a vote by the Iditarod Board of Directors on Friday. In the 4-3 vote, the board decided that mushers can only carry dogs in [...]

Habitat protection plan would turn tables on miners

May 26th 12:22 am

A new citizens initiative being prepared for the 2018 ballot would add protections for salmon habitat in the face of big projects like the proposed Pebble mine and provide more opportunities for public comment on new developments. The initiative petition, [...]

Walker orders special session after Legislature fails to reach budget deal

May 26th 12:21 am

JUNEAU — The 121st day of the Alaska Legislature's session started with a lot of questions: Would lawmakers help people who wanted Uber and Lyft and pass the ride-hailing bill? Comply with the federal Real ID Act's mandates for driver's licenses so [...]

Alaska unemployment worsens slightly in April

May 26th 12:21 am

Alaska's unemployment rate was the second-highest in the nation in April, following a slight rise from the state's figures for March. April's seasonally adjusted unemployment rate was 6.6 percent, the state Department of Labor and Workforce Development said [...]

Inupiatun language program happening in Utqiagvik

May 26th 12:19 am

Two Iƃƒ±upiatun language learners are helping other language learners learn their language this week during the first ever Iḷisaqativut program in Utqiaġvik. Cordelia Kellie and Reid Magdanz, who have worked together previously on language [...]

House passes bill on opioid prescriptions

May 26th 12:19 am

In keeping with the governor's focus on opioid abuse in the state, the House on Monday passed a bill regarding the prescription of opioids. House Bill 159 was put forward at the request of Gov. Walker and carried in the House by Rep. Ivy Spohnholz [...]

Iditarod will take southern route if conditions allow

May 26th 12:18 am

The Iditarod Board of Directors voted Friday to send mushers along the race's southern route for the next two years, if trail conditions allow. Because of poor snow cover, the race to Nome hasn't followed the southern route since 2013. Typically, Iditarod [...]

Legislature opens Alaska to ride-hailing companies

May 26th 12:17 am

JUNEAU - The Alaska Senate passed a bill Wednesday that will allow ride-hailing companies like Uber and Lyft to expand into the state. House Bill 132, which passed the House on Monday, will go to Gov. Bill Walker's desk for his signature after Wednesday's [...]

Opinion: Graduates should set intentions

May 26th 12:17 am

For many across Alaska, caps flew in the air this week as graduates from high school and college walked across the stage and into a new chapter of their lives. For the time being, most graduates are only thinking of the short-term changes that are coming in [...]

Opinion: House plan fairly spreads budget burden

May 26th 12:16 am

For the last four months, the bipartisan group of lawmakers in the new majority coalition in the Alaska House of Representatives have worked on a responsible solution to Alaska's fiscal crisis. The ongoing crisis has stymied investment and perpetuated a [...]

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