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Upgrades to Dillingham's city water system underway

February 9th 7:19 pm | Liam Wright, KDLG Print this article   Email this article  

Dillingham's Public Works Department has been busy for the past week performing maintenance and installing upgrades on the water system downtown.

"We've got the new well at the park near the soccer field that we're connecting into the system," said Public Works Director Jean Barrett. "We put new control panels on the other two wells near the high school and courthouse, new control panels that are remote, so we can read them from our water treatment plant. We've also installed sampling stations at each well so that we can sample the raw water coming out of those wells."

Barrett said improving the capability to sample raw well water for testing is in line with requirements from the state Department of Environmental Conservation. DEC keeps track of any chemical, biological, and physical impurities in water supplies, to ensure good, drinkable water quality.

The city is expecting the project to be finished and the water system to be back to full working order soon, though the frozen ground slowed their progress slightly at the beginning.

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