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Incumbent Brower sworn in as North Slope mayor

November 17th | Shady Grove Oliver Print this article   Email this article  

Incumbent Harry Brower Jr. was sworn into office Tuesday morning as mayor of the North Slope Borough after defeating new candidate Frederick Brower in a runoff last week.

While this is the mayor's second time in office, his first stay was not a full one, as he finished out former Mayor Charlotte Brower's uncompleted term following her recall. This is the first time Harry will serve as mayor through a regular election cycle.

While the mayor did not formally acknowledge the win on his public figure Facebook page, the tone of the page did shift from campaigning back to illustrative of his office, as it had been before the election.

Frederick Brower conceded the race shortly after the polls closed and before the official results were certified by the canvass committee, saying he was humbled by the support he'd been given and was proud of the work of his team.

Assembly candidate Mary Patkotak also conceded her race on election night to opponent Josiah Patkotak, wishing him the best during his time in office.

According to the official tallies, Josiah took Seat A-3D with 58.43 percent of the votes cast, or a total of 1,109 votes. Mary finished with 41.57 percent, or 789 votes.

While Mary did lead in the majority of the villages, Josiah trumped her in the large hub districts, which carried him to the seat.

Mary led 54 to 42 in Anaktuvuk Pass, 24 to 23 in Atqasuk, 43 to 30 in Kaktovik, 64 to 22 in Point Hope and 28 to 11 in Point Lay.

Josiah led 85 to 66 in Wainwright, 41 to 40 in Nuiqsut, 188 to 104 in Barrow and 529 to 258 in Browerville.

Harry won the mayor's seat with 60.46 percent of the votes cast, or 1,156 votes total. Frederick ended with 39.54 percent, or 756 votes.

The mayoral incumbent swept the race in each of the precincts, leading 67 to 29 in Anaktuvuk Pass, 36 to 11 in Atqasuk, 151 to 142 in Barrow, 447 to 348 in Browerville, 49 to 24 in Kaktovik, 67 to 14 in Nuiqsut, 69 to 17 in Point Hope, 27 to 12 in Point Lay and 86 to 65 in Wainwright.

The mayor and the new members of the assembly took up their responsibilities following certification of the election results on Nov. 14.


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