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OPINION: Candidate Arey endorses Brower

November 3rd, 2017 | Ned T. Arey, Sr Print this article   Email this article  

As one of the 2017 North Slope Borough mayoral candidates, it is with sincere commitment to my fellow North Slope constituents that I make my formal statement for the Nov. 7 North Slope Borough mayoral runoff election. I am hereby endorsing Mayor Harry K Brower Jr. as the candidate of choice. I know Harry Brower to be an honest man and will support him for North Slope Borough mayor.

I strongly encourage Brower as the mayor successor to serve our people with integrity, accountability and responsibly, to move the North Slope Borough forward and to enhance the lives of all our residents. With this endorsement, these are my recommendations:

Accountability and Transparency

To restore confidence, accountability and transparency, to the North Slope Borough mayor's office and administration; to have an open-door policy to all our citizens, constituents and clients, that we serve as public servants to our home-rule borough.

Plan to implement a mandatory training on code of ethics for all the directors, deputy directors, division managers and supervisors. This is to ensure the borough's ordinances, policies and procedures are legally, fairly and equitably followed, regaining the confidence of the people.

Workforce Development

Ensure the workforce development continues with the mayor's job program, and to incorporate training and mentorship programs for all personnel and interns, for residents to gain the experiences needed in the workforce.

Local Hire

A high priority for the North Slope Borough administration should be to implement a local hire procedure with the borough's professional services and its contractors to promote and further incorporate the local hire employment opportunities for all residents.

I recommend Mayor Brower reintroduce the Workforce Development program and the mayors job program by utilizing the Savaat Center and Ilisagvik College to assist in gaining the skills to perform jobs and work.

Housing Development

The goals and objectives here are to work together to pursue additional financing cooperatively with any local municipal governments, the State of Alaska, or the United States, or any Inter-Tribal agencies and/or corporate landowners instrumental in decisions for housing development. The housing initiative will benefit communities with new homes for residents and employment opportunities for borough residents.

Aging Infrastructures and Assets

The borough has infrastructures, equipment and assets that are aging across the whole North Slope and are in need of repairs, replacement and or renovation. The borough must continue to development new infrastructures to meet the needs of our communities, specifically for office space, future expansions, shops, equipment and mechanical and electrical upgrades for the existing infrastructures.

Health and Social Services

To oversee the health department services for improvement and accountability, which will promote healthy living lifestyles.

Drug and Alcohol Problems

To work with the state and the federal government and to pursue joint funding to strengthen the law enforcement division.

Oversee the services for improvement with the integrated behavioral health's, Substance abuse prevention outreach programs. Pursue funding in partnership with the intergovernmental agencies for a local treatment center for our North Slope residents to include in a culturally appropriate manner so that our local residents don't have to travel outside of the North Slope.

Support ongoing training for the public safety officers, EMT responders and the health department personnel who deal directly with increased responses to calls for assistance.

School District Education

To support our school district's mission to ensure quality standards-based instruction and to improve academic achievement and to move forward with our Inupiaq language and other cultural educational programs.

Please join me and vote for Harry K Brower Jr. on Nov. 7.

Ned T. Arey, Sr is a 2017 North Slope Borough mayoral candidate.


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