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August 18th, 2017 | Staff Report Print this article   Email this article  

Quintillion names interim CEO

Quintillion has named a new interim CEO following the resignation of its former head last week. Elizabeth Pierce, who had been leading the company throughout its most recent push into the Arctic, stepped down earlier this month, citing "personal reasons," according to a notice from the company.

George M. Tronsrue III will take her place, effective immediately.

Tronsrue comes to Quintillion from MFSI Government Group, described as a small business that specializes "in providing classified mission critical national security and warfighter support services to the Department of Defense, intelligence community, and other federal agencies," the company noted.

"A recognized leader in the telecom industry, Tronsrue has decades of sales and operational experience in wireless, fiber optic and telecom infrastructure in over 70 major U.S. markets," the notice stated. "That includes executive leadership roles at Monet Mobile Networks, the first commercial 3G data company in the world... ."

Quintillion is the company responsible for constructing the new fiber-optic cable network that aims to bring advanced broadband to the Arctic by the end of the year.

Search and Rescue encourages boater safety

North Slope Borough Search and Rescue is reminding all boaters to be safe while out on the water this summer. A handful of their boater safety tips were included in the most recent newsletter from the Arctic Slope Native Association.

Anyone who plans to go out on the water should make sure their equipment is in good condition and works as it's supposed to.

They should pack gear they can use in case of emergency or unexpected delays, including "sleeping bags, grub box with adequate food, knives, repair tools, first aid kit, and extra boots, socks, clothes, and warm gear." They should also have binoculars, headlamps, and flashlights. Travelers should always have a GPS unit with them, along with a VHF radio, satellite phone, or other reliable communication device, and carry extra batteries or a charger.

Additionally, boaters and other travelers should carry a personal locator beacon (PLB) on them when away from home. Anyone can pick one up for free from North Slope Borough Search and Rescue, for use in an emergency.

Finally, boaters are reminded to always bring extra fuel so as not to end up stranded.

For more information on boating safety or to find out about getting a PLB, contact North Slope Borough Search and Rescue at 907-852-2822, or your local search and rescue group.


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