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Several seats open in upcoming North Slope Borough election

August 11th, 2017 | Shady Grove Oliver, The Arctic Sounder Print this article   Email this article  

Seven assembly seats, three school board positions, and the mayor's chair will be open come this fall's election in the North Slope Borough.

Harry Brower Jr., who was elected to fill out the rest of former Mayor Charlotte Brower's term after she was recalled, must vacate the seat in October. He has filed to run for the office once again, as have Frederick Brower and James John Martin.

To run for mayor, a candidate must be a qualified voter and have been a resident of the borough for at least six months before the election. Additionally, someone who has already been elected mayor for two full consecutive terms may not run again for a third term until a full term has happened with them out of the position.

For the assembly, the three-year terms of the District 1 seat for Point Hope, currently held by Alzred Steve Oomittuk, the District 5 seat for Atqasuk and Point Lay, and the District 3B and 3F seats for Utqiaġvik, held by Doreen Ahgeak Lampe and Vernon Amaulik Edwardsen, will be open.

The two-year terms of the District 6 seat for Anaktuvuk Pass and Kaktovik and the District 3E seat for Utqiaġvik will also be up for grabs.

Finally, the one-year term of the District 3D seat for Utqiaġvik will also need to be filled.

To run for an assembly seat, a candidate must have been a resident of the borough for at least six months before the election, and must be living in the district he or she is representing. Additionally, an elected assembly member may not hold any compensated borough office or employment, or partisan political office, while on the assembly.

So far, only one candidate has filed with the Alaska Public Offices Commission to fill an assembly seat. Herman Ahsoak, of Utqiagvik, has filed a letter of intent to run for seat E.

Finally, on the school board, three three-year terms are opening up. The first two, seats A and B, representing Utqiaġvik, are currently held by Deborah Edwardson and Qaiyaan Harcharek. The last is seat E, covering Atqasuk and Wainwright, that is currently held by Madeline Hickman.

The same requirements must be met by school board candidates as by assembly candidates.

Candidates for any of these positions must submit their filing paperwork no later than Aug. 24. Nomination papers may be filed in person at the clerk's office at 1274 Agvik Street in the North Slope Borough building, sent via email to, faxed to 907-852-0229, or mailed to:

North Slope Borough Clerk's Office

P.O. Box 69

Utqiaġvik (or Barrow), AK 99723

More information can be found at under the Clerk's Office tab.

The election is scheduled for Oct. 3. The Sounder will bring you more information on the candidates and positions over the next several weeks.

Shady Grove Oliver can be reached at


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