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Learning center holds summer camp

June 2nd, 2017 | Kat Souser Print this article   Email this article  

This summer, the 21st Century Community Learning Center Afterschool Program extended services to include a short camp geared to ignite summer learning. Forty-five students enjoyed eight days of world-class education that was centered around global awareness. Students learned about the language, art, games, culture and food of Australia, Russia and Japan.

Students learned about the importance of speaking the language of a country that you are visiting because it shows respect and builds positive relationships. They learned how to say hello, goodbye, please and thank you in Russian and Japanese.

During the first day of the summer camp, students made passports, played name tag and created an Earth craft to set the tone for the camp. While learning about Australia on days two and three, students greeted each other with the phrase "g'day mate," made dot art, created echidnas out of clay and played Keentan a keep away game.

On days four and five, students learned about Russian architecture. They made nesting dolls and Faberge eggs with glittery rhinestones. For Japan, on days six and seven, students enjoyed learning how to make sushi, created Koi fish windsocks and Darumasan ga koronda (red light, green light).

Students enjoyed three field trips into the community. The first field trip was to a local chicken coop, where students learned how to take care of livestock. They learned about the important, and changing, role animals have on our lives. The second field trip was to the Heritage Museum, where we learned about the Bering Land Bridge and the animals of Russia. The final field trip was to the Chukchi Library to watch a short video about Japan.

Students celebrated with a World's Fair on day eight. Three classrooms were set up with the art, flags and skylines of the three countries studied. Families traveled from America to Australia to Russia to Japan and back to America all guided by their summer camp students.


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