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Dillingham P.E. classes tackle Snake Lake Mountain hike

May 19th | Lawrence Hamilton, The Bristol Bay Times-Dutch Harbor Fisherman Print this article   Email this article  

Students of all ages have been on a lot of field trips this past month. Many have been exploring their local ecosystem or culture. One educator had something a bit more strenuous in mind.

Dillingham High School physical education teacher Meghan Slagle says last year she decided to take all her students on an annual hike up Snake Lake Mountain.

"It's kind of a culminating activity," she said. "A fun field trip to take at the end of the year but it also shows them local options to stay active when they don't have P.E. everyday."

This year's group went up last week and Slagle says the day was perfect.

"A beautiful day, it was like 60 degrees and sunny the whole way up. For some of them it was their first time hiking the mountain," Slagle said. "So we got a lot of sunshine. Everybody made it to the top and made it back down safely, which is important. I think everybody was excited to make it to the top of that mountain, it was a lot of fun."

Sophomore Dillon Chaney had climbed the mountain before and says it was fun to climb with all of his friends and bristled at the notion that his generation was too soft to climb local peaks.

I think we climbed it pretty well. We were only on our phones like 50 percent of the time," Chaney said.

It was the first time to climb Snake Lake Mountain for junior Sue Lee.

"At first it was pretty challenging because it was really steep, but it got easier as it went up and it was worth the view," Lee said.

Slagle says the walk was a success and a lot of students were talking about going back and doing it again.


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