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Northwest Arctic lands 65 on Academic Excellence roster

April 7th, 2017 | Tommy Wells, The Arctic Sounder Print this article   Email this article  

When it comes to athletics and postseason awards, Northwest Arctic School District Superintendent AnnMarie O'Brien is like every other school leader in the state in that she is always thrilled to see students win athletic awards.

This past week, O'Brien was even more thrilled because 65 athletes won awards in academics.

A total of 65 NWABSD students were named to the Region I Academic Excellence roster. Student-athletes with a 3.75 or higher grade point average in the first three quarters of the 2016-17 school year earned spots on the postseason team.

Kotzebue led all NWABSD schools with a total of 26 students on the Academic Excellence squad. Of those 26 Kotzebue High School student-athletes making the squad, 12 were seniors - Marjorie Baker, Lydia Crabb, Ezekiel Eakin, David Gallahorn, Madison Hadley, Megan Hoke, Jaden Jackson, Otto Kenworthy, Payton McConnell, Elena Nelson-Loya, Lucero Belen Nelson-Loya, Tye Ramoth and Seth Roetman. Also making the cut were juniors Caitlin Conwell, Madison Schaeffer, Calia Sieh, Dohyun Kim, Cassidy Kramer, sophomores Alanna Conwell, Zoie Eakin, Emily Hoke, Ethan Roetman and freshmen Tahayla Baker, Kaiden Conwell, Stephanie Eakin and Madison Troyer.

Selawik, fresh off celebrating a state runner-up effort from its girls' basketball team, landed 11 individuals in the Academic Excellence squad, including seniors Lea Beylund, Harding Black, Lataihya Hingsbergen, Shaylynn Hingsbergen, Keana Howarth, Marie Ramoth, Brenda Smith, Lois Ticket, Lois and Marita Ticket. Freshmen Marjorie Hingsbergen and Devin Ticket also earned spots on the team.

Buckland and Kiana also had numerous players earn spots. Buckland landed nine players on the roster, while Kiana had six chosen. Making the squad from Buckland were: Della Hadley, Martin Hadley, Kylah Melton, Bradley Thomas, Jacquelyn Berlin, Ronald Jones, Alexandra Swan, Joe Washington and Jayden Hadley. Making the team from Kiana were: Caitlyn Self, Martha Wells, Chelsea Adams, Caleigh Self, Courtney Self and Taylor Wells.

Noatak and Ambler also had multiple athletes named to the squad. Representing Noatak were Davidann Mills, Nettie Onalik, Justine Sherman, Joshuah Wolfe, and Amos Sage. Sage made the Academic Excellence list despite being active in four sports, including cross country, wrestling, basketball and Native Youth Olympics.

Making the list from Ambler were Amanda Jones, Erika Johnson, Josephine Johnson and Vernae Ramoth. Noorvik's Wilfried James Zibell, Field, Alice Audrey Rose Marie Field and Timothy Zibell, and Shungnak's Justin Custer also earned spots on the list.


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