Quiet time is for thinking and learning during the 30 minutes of reading students at the Shungnak School are doing every day. - Roger Franklin

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In Your Words: Building a collegiate cohort

March 18th | Roger Franklin, Shungnak School principal Print this article   Email this article  

Principal reading club started back last fall but only for four students, grades 5th/6th. We wanted to keep them interested in reading just for fun and slowly it has evolved into a club to keep a focus on a university academic track.

A couple of students asked what do they need to do to be successful at that level. We started with the basics. Teaching them how to read and understand what they are reading. Breaking down the subject and theme of their stories.

Four more students, currently in the 4th grade, wanted to participate in the club as well and so joined the others in January. We are continuously trying all avenues to help entice students to excel on the academic course for higher education. We have found that by clustering students in cohorts for the different activities, whether academic, trades, or athletic, students there is a higher percentage of commitment.

The students have been reading for 30 minutes a day after school this school year and slowly we are building on and adding more time. We raise funds for snacks and make sure our cohorts understand they are the future and can become the next president. If a student is not able to attend, they are responsible for letting me know and the reason for it.

Roger Franklin is the principal of the Shungnak School.

Students at the Shungnak School are practicing their college-ready skills by reading books and discussing them for a half hour every day.


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