Aaron McAllistar Taliesin is a senior at Homer High School. He hopes to travel around the world. - Josh Veldstra

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Dreams of traveling the world

February 9th, 2017 | Christina Whiting Print this article   Email this article  

By the time he was 1-year-old, Aaron McAllistar Taliesin had traveled to nine countries.

"Aaron, his sister Katie and I backpacked Europe," mom, Robin McAllistar shared. "Katie and I wore backpacks and Aaron lived in a front sling I wore. By the third country, he quit talking and started just smiling to greet everyone and the sea of languages that passed us."

When he was a youth, he wanted to sail away and explore the world by boat. Now a high school senior, he dreams of traveling the world. The boat is optional.

"I want to wander everywhere," he said. "I want to see where my ancestors came from and I want to study people and different ways of being in the world."

For now, he is considering his options for college.

"I've considered psychology, sociology or anthropology because humans are interesting creatures, but at the same time, I'm also thinking about alternative energy engineering," he said.

One of his role models is his mom, Robin, a local psychologist.

"Psychology has been my life in the sense that I was exposed to it young and it affects how I view people and decision that people make," he shared. "It's the study of humans and how they work, it's the study of the mind and how it affects people's actions and reactions. Psychology provides a look into how things work that I might not have had otherwise. It helps me to read situations that would otherwise confuse me."

Taliesin grew up on a farm and is interested in sustainable energy development.

"I'm not a big fan of oil and I want to see about if I can introduce alternative energy more actively in our community and the world," he said. "It really interests me to see different ways that we might replace the fuel injected engine."

As a youth, Taliesin has enjoyed being involved in theater. He has performed in many local plays and has had numerous roles in the local Nutcracker productions for the past seven years.

"I saw the Nutcracker here for the first time when I was eight-years-old, and thought it looked like fun," he said. "I've been a soldier, a Russian, rats, the bear, rat king and a little boy in a party scene.

He plays the violin and was in honors choir this year.

"The arts do this great thing where they put you on a stage and give you the chance to play the other roles in life that you don't get to normally," he said. "They give you a different viewpoint and help to grow characters and develop ideals."

When he was 14-years-old, Taliesin started getting involved in Live Action Role Playing games (LARP).

"My friend Abe dragged me to this battle day, saying it was this cool fantasy twist," he said. "He handed me a sword, gave me a black sash and told me to run around this big wall of people that were wearing full chain mail."?In 2015, Taliesin helped to start a LARP group in Homer.?"The shire has grown to an average of about 20 people showing up for battle games each week," he said. "LARP is a chance to play the character that you choose to create and see how you do in a community of dedicated fantasy lovers. You get to spar and revel and battle it out while meeting new people from all walks of life joined by a common interest.??In addition to his mom being a role model for him, he has come to value spending time with the volunteers who come to work on his family's farm every year.

"These Woofers come from all over the world and all walks of life and each of them is really unique," he said. "Each brings a new lesson on how to live and explore and they've been some major influences on how I look at things. I like talking with them to see how things work, how their travels are going, where they've been, where' they're going."

Taliesin considers one of his greatest strengths is his ability to bring people together.

"I'm pretty good with humans," he said. "In my circle of friends, I'm the one who's laid back, trying to help everybody figure out what they're doing. I'm a good mediator."

Taliesin shared that in 10 years from now, he would like to be returning home to Homer, after having traveled, and working to solidify whichever career field he has decided on. He would also like to write and share his travel experiences.

"I want to wander everywhere and I'd like to write about the people I met and the places I visited," he said. "To share how different cultures live and to connect people together with my words."


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