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Unalaska Police Report

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Sunday, Dec. 4

Trespass - Officers assisted in advising an individual of a trespass order.

Liquor Law Violation - Officers advised two individuals they were too intoxicated to be on a license premise.

MVA-Damage - Officers were advised that a vehicle had driven into the bay. Lesley Olson, 40, charged with reckless endangerment and leaving the scene of an injury accident.

Traffic Roads - Road's chief advised of icy road conditions.

Ambulance Request - EMS responded to a report of a male individual who had fallen into a fish hold.

Assistance Rendered - Officer assisted with an EMS call.

MVA-Damage -Officers investigated a minor vehicle accident.

Ambulance Request - EMS responded to a report of a woman who had fallen.

Rendered - Officers assisted with an EMS call.

Suspicious Person/Activity - Caller reported a vehicle in the water. It was determined this call was related to an earlier report of a vehicle in the water.

Monday, Dec. 5

Traffic Roads - Road's chief advised of icy road conditions.

Fire Safety - Officer initiated an investigation into an ammonia leak at Kloosterboar.

Environmental - Officers investigated a suspicious white powder coming from a package at the post office.

Taxi Violation - Officers found a taxi out of compliance with local ordinances.

Tuesday, Dec. 6

PC-Mental - Officers assisted with a possibly suicidal individual.

Civil Paper Services All - Criminal summons served on Lesley Olson, 40.

Traffic Crime - Officers investigated a vehicle parked in a handicapped parking space.

Wednesday, Dec. 7

Assault - Officers responded to a report of a man threatening people with a knife. Jose Landeros, 32, arrested for first-degree burglary and third-degree assault.

Trespass - Officers issued a trespass advisement on an individual who had been arrested for burglary and assault.

Burglary - Caller reported someone broke into his room and took his belongings. He believes the culprit to be his drug dealer to whom he owes money. Investigation continues.

Thursday, Dec. 8

Trespass - Caller requested two people be trespassed from their property. Officers advised the individuals of the trespass.

Forgery - Officers found that an individual who reported his drug dealer had stolen his belongings was counterfeiting U.S. currency. Henry Zablan and Nicholas Hough arrested for first-degree forgery. Hough was also charged with MICS II.

Friday, Dec. 9

Drunk Disturbance - Caller reported an individual that wanted to fight with him. Officers responded and found that the call was a ruse in order to get assistance with obtaining a taxi.

Ambulance Request - EMS responded to a report of a 30-year-old male that was struck with a 700-pound electrical panel.

Assistance Rendered - Officer assisted with an EMS call.

Saturday, Dec. 10

Trespass - Individual issued a trespass advisement from a local bar after throwing a pitcher of beer at another patron.

Animal - Caller complained that her neighbor was feeding cats which increased the feral cat population in the neighborhood which in turn increased the fox and eagle population which in turn created safety and sanitation issues. The neighbor was talked to concerning the laws pertaining to feeding wild animals.

Assistance Rendered - Officers assisted in directing an individual to the appropriate local services for the issue he was having.

Animal - Caller reported a dog at large. The dog's owner retrieved the errant canine prior to officer's arrival.

Animal - Caller reported a dog at large following him. The dog was collected and due to the extremely high recidivism rate for the canine in question, Kaelyn Quinn, 22, was issued a citation for dog at large.


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