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OPINION: Letters - Jan. 12

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ACA needs fixing, not elimination

I have been a registered nurse for nearly 35 years, with over 30 of those being in Alaska. I know first-hand that the role our health care system plays is absolutely vital to the well-being of Alaskans.

I strive every day to provide high-quality care to my patients, regardless of their background or their ability to pay, and regardless of the hurdles I face in the workplace.

In my career, I've seen countless advances in medicine and worked through major health care reforms and policy changes - perhaps none so big as the Affordable Care Act.

Is the Affordable Care Act perfect? Of course not.

But eliminating the Affordable Care Act without a plan for replacement spells disaster: millions of Americans suddenly will be uninsured, the cost of health insurance will increase and hospitals will close. More importantly, losing coverage will create serious economic harm for working families in our communities. That's a cost we can't afford.

One of the most important duties of a nurse is to be a patient advocate. So, I call on Congress: don't throw our country's health care system into uncertainty by repealing the Affordable Care Act without a plan for replacement.

As a nurse, I ask instead that you work to improve health care delivery, put patients first and protect the health and economic security of American families. Mend it, don't end it.

[i?Jane Erickson,

President, Alaska Nurses Association[/i]

Thank you Rotary Club of Downtown Homer!

This week we had a friend visit from Rotary Club of Downtown Homer to drop off some holiday treats for teens at the R.E.C. Room and to check in on what young people are needing right now. I mentioned that we're getting short on taxi vouchers which help alleviate the stress that transportation can cause for those who cannot drive, are low on funds, do not have their own car, or could just use some help from time to time accessing programs, appointments, meetings, job interviews or whatever comes up in the busy lives of teens.

Within two days Rotary Club of Downtown Homer hand delivered a $100 check so our youth program can purchase cab vouchers for teens. And with the awesome Homer Coordinated Transportation CARTS program housed at Independent Living Center, that $100 will turn into $200 worth of vouchers to help young people in need.

Thank you, Rotary Club of Downtown Homer for constantly keeping an eye out to help teens in Homer. Your generosity makes a difference.

Anna Meredith

Youth Health Education Program Manager

KBFPC's R.E.C. Room

Thank you, Awesome Foundation

We'd like to give our highest gratitude to the Alaska Chapter of the Awesome Foundation for supporting Homer's own Youth On Record Alaska (YORAK) program with a $1,000 check last week to buy two new laptops which puts the best equipment out there in the hands of teens. The application was so user-friendly and the quick turn around was impressive. We're so happy to be selected as a program which others believe in as much as we do.

YORAK is a volunteer effort to bring digital music production and recording skills to the hands of young people ages 12-18 years. old. Our program teaches music and artistic expression in many different forms whether youth come to work on melodies or lyrics; it's a safe space to encourage teens' differences to shine through. 15-year-old Colton Morris, a student of two years said of the program, "YORAK is all about music. It's a passion. It's one of my best joys. It's about listening and making music and having a choice on how you create your music."

If you know of teens who may want to get involved, please send them to the R.E.C. Room every Friday from 3:30-6pm for this FREE program. All youth welcome! For more info call 235-3436 or email []

Cody Davidson, YORAK Founder and Director ; Maria Kulikov, Development Coordinator; Alex Clayton, Sound Design Educator

Regarding the Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly's lawsuit

I have a question about the Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly's deadlock over invocations: So now my tax money is paying for a lawsuit vs. the ACLU? The ACLU is right and will win. You old white guy bible thumpers are not only wrong, you are embarrassing.

Just for the record, I'm an old white guy myself. I've been around, seen other cultures, opened my mind, made friends from other socio-religious societies, and you are the last stand, dudes, or at least I hope so! This is not a christian country. It's a country with religious freedom. It's just agonizing you are dragging us all down your path of fear and xenophobia.

Anyone can make a case for anything if they ignore all the data they don't like. Do you think we are all stupid? This controversy mirrors a national dysfunction which has been precipitated by a lack of education, a willful addiction to a convenient morality which is stuffed down your throats before you have the power of reason and which makes you useless for reasonable discourse forevermore.

I've been gerrymandered out of my voting district, powerful corporations are over-influencing the government, and now this. I'm usually a laissez-faire kind of guy, and let my fundamentalist friends think how they want as long as they don't force it on me, but you have your hands in the till!

I'm just glad there are a few assembly members with b***s enough to say what? Say what?

Dave Seaman


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