Elton Anderson of the K-12 team attempts to intimidate Bay Welding's David Drake as he goes up for a shot. Anderson's distraction proved ineffective against “Smooth Operator” Drake, as he sank the 3-pointer and finished the game with 17 points. - Sean Pearson

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Colby Kincaid lays the ball in for his Bay Welding team in Monday night's 66-42 win over K12. Kincaid. - Sean Pearson

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Finley scores 35 to keep Timberwolves undefeated

January 12th | Sean Pearson Print this article   Email this article  

Teams enter final six weeks of regular-season play

I am a vicarious basketball player.

I started playing the game in seventh grade. And let's face it, when you're 13 and just had a big growth spurt, you could easily play center on the "A" team. Plus, the coach said my shooting form was "excellent."

Fast-forward just a couple of years, and suddenly I'm one of the shortest players on the floor. My growth spurt topped out at 5-feet-9-inches, and I learned that having an excellent shooting form doesn't necessarily guarantee a high-scoring performance. (I like to blame it on a faulty depth-perception mechanism in my brain.)

There are many reasons I didn't continue playing basketball; the least of which is my inability to successfully dribble the ball while running. Turns out that's kind of a deal-breaker once you move on from seventh grade.

Watching the game, however, is a totally different story. And a cushy job at the University of Kansas' Allen Fieldhouse during basketball season meant I got paid to watch the Jayhawks play. (And by "cushy," I mean picking up trash, cleaning the bathrooms and emptying the tobacco-chewers' spit cups at the end of the game — there were hundreds; welcome to Kansas.)

I have a point in here somewhere:

Some pretty talented athletes gather every Monday night at Homer Middle School to fight for city league bragging rights. No, they're not NCAA Division 1 caliber. (They also don't sell popcorn or hotdogs, and I still haven't had much luck starting a "wave" in the gym.)

Nevertheless, the action is intense, the rivalries are fierce and the smaller junior-high gym can make for some pretty fast play.

And there's a bonus: no spit cups.

Come out some Monday evening and cheer on your family members, friends, co-workers; anybody — and everybody. It's not like you have anything better to do. Games start at 6 p.m. and usually run a little past 10 p.m.

And just to make things confusing, next week's games (Jan. 16) will be held at Homer High School.

The Homer Adult Basketball League completed its 12th week of play for the season with a bit of movement in the overall standings. A 66-42 win by Bay Welding over Uminski K-12 pushed the Smooth Operators up to fifth place on the standings with a 5-7 record.

David Drake led the Operators with 17 points, while Colby Kincaid picked up 15, and Shelby Sims added 11.

Ryan Miller led the scoring for K-12 with 13 points, while Elton Anderson added 12. The loss moves Uminski back down to the bottom of the standings with a record of 2-10.

The Best Western Riptide held on to notch a 68-60 win over the Pathfinder Aviation Splash Brothers. Filip Reutov led the Riptide with 17 points, while Austin McAvoy was close behind with 16. Josh Garvey added 11.

With a total of 21 points, Heath Johnson had a banner day for the Splash Bros. However, despite his top-notch performance — as well as 17 points from Devon Kennelty and 11 from Dyllan Day — the Bros couldn't pull off the win.

After swimming around the bottom of the standings last week, Alice's Slammin' Salmon moved up to seventh overall with a 52-27 thrashing of the Home Run Oil Titans.

The Salmon spread their scoring around, with John Romanoff leading the way with 13 points. Xavier Romanoff and Mike Raymond each added 12 points as well.

Avniel Camacho led the Titans with 12 points, while Eric Tutt had eight.

The Titans fall to sixth place in the league with a record of 4-8. The Salmon are 3-9.

In what proved to be the most exciting game of the evening, Ninilchik Timberwolf Nick Finley scored a whopping 35 points in the Timberwolves' 66-55 victory over Alaska Bible Institute. Don't let the final score fool you; this one was a barnburner from the beginning.

ABI jumped out to an early lead — thanks largely to Eric Rozeboom's five 3-pointers in the first half. At the break, No. 4 ABI was leading the undefeated Timberwolves 38-31.

It didn't take long for the Timberwolves to finally turn up the heat and overcome the ABI lead with a 35-17 run in the second half.

Rozeboom scored 21 points for ABI, while Adam Mclinn added 18.

There's still plenty of season left, with the city tournament scheduled for Feb. 25-27 at Homer High School.

Week 12 Standings:

1.) Ninilchik Timberwolves: 12-0

2.) Best Western Riptide: 9-3

3.) Pathfinder Aviation Splash Bros: 8-4

4.) Alaska Bible Institute (ABI): 5-7

5.) Bay Welding Smooth Operators: 5-7

6.) Home Run Oil Titans: 4-8

7.) Alice's Slammin' Salmon: 3-9

8.) Uminski Properties K12: 2-10


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