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Ilisagvik College camps wrap up summer season

September 21st, 2013 | By Elise Patkotak Print this article   Email this article  

With summer a memory and classes back in session, Iḷisaġvik College recently wound down its highly successful summer camps program. This year 93 students participated in a variety of camps that echo the variety of offerings at Iḷisaġvik College. Seventy-nine students earned college credits for their participation and three earned high school credits. This year, not only were all North Slope villages in attendance at multiple camps, but campers from 12 different off-Slope villages and cities also participated.

For the first time, this year Iḷisaġvik offered camps for both middle and high school students in the field of Iñupiat Early Learning, which ties to the new Iñupiat Early Learning AA degree program for students wanting to become teachers. There were science camps in a variety of fields, from the Earth Science Camp in geology, to the Arctic Science Research Camp and the Climate Change Camp. Other camps centered on such topics as Digital Media, Allied Health, Native American Art and History, and Iñupiaq Land Values and Resources.

In total, the College held 15 different camps for Alaskan youth, an increase of 4 new camps since last summer. This would not have been possible without the incredible generosity of multiple funders and the seemingly inexhaustible energy of volunteers who ran or assisted many of the camps.

The contributors who made these camps possible through charitable donations are: The Autaaqtuq Fund; Arctic Slope Community Foundation; ConocoPhillips; North Slope Borough Department of Wildlife; ExxonMobil; ASRC Federal; Shell Oil; Pioneer Natural Resources, Alaska; Ukpeagvik Iñupiat Corporation (UIC) Foundation; GCI; and the Alaska Airlines Foundation.

Countless other partners and local organizations gave time and energy to the camps, volunteering to share their knowledge with Iḷisaġvik summer campers? "Quyanaqpak to all who volunteered!" commented Iḷisaġvik's Dean of Students, Gloria Burnett?"In addition to the ponderous efforts of Iḷisaġvik College staff, the camps were a community effort and should be celebrated as a community success."


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