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OPINION: Easter a great time for home, families

April 5th, 2013 | Jason Evans Print this article   Email this article  

The truest saying in the world is the one that claims, "The more things change, the more they remain the same."

Easter is one of the more special holidays for us. It's usually a chance for us to leave Anchorage and go back to our homes in western Alaska, where we can reconnect with the people and places that helped shape us into who we are.

On Easter, my wife's family and mine typically get together for a weekend of story-telling, plenty of laughs and the strengthening of the bonds that make us a family. It's not quite Christmas, but it's a lot like it — without the gift-buying.

I'm sure I don't have to explain the joy that filled our hearts when the plane touched down on the runway in Kotzebue. And, no, the plane ride wasn't bad so it wasn't that we were happy to be landing safely — we were just happy to be home.

Now that we both have busy lives and careers, Kiana and I don't get home as often as we would like, or should. Like most people, the activities of every day life seem to make sure we are doing something almost every minute of every day.

But coming home is a great thing. We walked off the plane to friends and family members. We had the opportunity to spend a few days with them and visit old friends.

Everyone has heard of the series of books called "Chicken Soup for the Soul." Maybe you read it ... I didn't. They are probably very great books, but my guess is all you need to do to make yourself happy and warm on the inside is go home for a few days.

You can go home. It, and you, may have changed from what you remember, but you can always go home.

In addition to returning home, this Easter was very special for us. We baptized our youngest daughter, Nala, in front of Kiana's family in Kotzebue, by the same visiting priest that baptized Sila in the same place one year ago.

What better way to celebrate the blessings of a new daughter than by baptizing her during the Easter holidays in front of relatives that will surround her with love and support for years and years to come.

And to do it in the same place as her older sister, Sila, was baptized last year ... priceless memories for us.

I hope your Easter was as wonderful as ours.


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