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Lucy Okpik retires from city of Barrow

March 22nd, 2013 | Provided by City of Barrow Print this article   Email this article  

Originally hired in 1994 to reconcile paperwork for the city of Barrow, Lucy Okpik became Financial Director for the city of Barrow in just one year. Lucy served the city in that capacity for 14 of her 15 years.

"My favorite time as a Financial Director was the yearly audits," Okpik said.

Okpik said she takes pride in the fact that all her audits were good audits with no discrepancies in the accounting. During her career with the city of Barrow, she served six different mayors and enjoyed working for them all.

Okpik's retirement plans are simple: rest, relax, and enjoy all of the grandkids that her and her husband, Harry Okpik, have.

The city of Barrow says farewell to Lucy Okpik this month as she enters retirement. At the January City Council meeting, she was honored for her service to the city with a beautiful plaque/clock. The etching on the plaque is in both Inupiat and English and reads: With heartfelt appreciation for your 15 years of financial acumen and dedicated service to the City of Barrow and its residents as you provided positive leadership in the management of the finances of the city

"We Thank You"

The city of Barrow wishes Okpik a long and relaxing retirement. Quyanaqpak! Lucy!


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