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Home energy ratings available in Kotzebue

January 11th, 2013 | Hannah Heimbuch Print this article   Email this article  

If you've yet to get a read on your Kotzebue home's energy efficiency or sign up for Alaska's Home Energy Rebate program, now is the time.

An energy rater for the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation is extending his visit from two days to four this week in order to accommodate more ratings. Ratings will take place in Kotzebue from Jan. 11 to 14.

"He will be performing 'pre' and 'post' energy ratings for those folks who are interested in participating and those already in the program," said Energy Program Information Manager Jimmy Ord.

It's a great program, Ord said, and he's hoping Kotzebue homeowners will take this opportunity to make some home improvements, with some state support.

The ratings are required before and after the improvements to qualify for the rebate program.

The rating visit lasts between two and three hours, Ord said, and evaluates a number of efficiency variables. This includes insulation levels, air leakage, the home's heating unit, windows, doors and any other part of the house that affects the overall structure's energy efficiency.

The results are a solid report on how efficient the home is currently, and some advice on how to tighten it up.

Those improvements are financed by the owner initially, for which the program provides rebates.

"After the rating you will receive a list of improvement options," Ord said. "You choose from this list which improvements you want to do. The more improvements, the higher the rebate. (The) rebate will be from $4,000 to $10,000."

There's no income requirement to qualify, but the home must be owner-occupied and used year round. Even the cost of the rating qualifies the homeowner for a rebate.

"The cost will be about $325," Ord said, "which is reimbursable as soon as you enter the program."

The state program had completed more than 17,500 rebates by the end of 2012, Ord said, and aims to decrease energy costs and waste throughout Alaska's homes.

As heating costs rise ever higher, such improvements can make a difference in the monthly budget.

"This program was created in conjunction with the expansion of the Low-Income Weatherization program," Ord said, "allowing more Alaskans the opportunity to increase the efficiency of their home."

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Home Energy Efficiency Rater coming to Kotzebue Jan. 11-14

For more information on the Home Energy Rebate Program visit

If you would like to participate in the program and/or schedule an energy rating for your home, please call (877) 257-3228, or visit


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