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Report makes recommendations on transboundary oil spills

May 10th, 2011 | Alaska Newspapers Staff Print this article   Email this article  

A new report from the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation focuses on transboundary oil spill response for the Alaska/British Columbia and British Columbia/Washington border areas.

The document is a result of a cooperative effort of 90 natural resource trustees and stakeholders from Alaska, Washington and British Columbia who worked with the Pacific States-British Columbia Oil Spill task Force to evaluate response planning and readiness for U.S./Canadian trans-boundary oil spills.

State officials said May 9 that their "Review of Planning and Response Capabilities for a Marine Oil Spill on the U.S.-Canadian Transboundary Areas of the Pacific Coast" covers response command, planning, operations, logistics and financial issues pertaining to such a spill.

"This report is the culmination of the most advanced, detailed oil spill response planning between two countries, and will serve as a model for future international oil spill planning," said Gary Folley, DEC program manager. "It will also go a long way to response planning for future offshore development in the Arctic."

The collaborative effort included representatives from government agencies, tribal governments, no-governmental organizations and private industry.

The report is available at:

More information on the task force is at


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