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North Slope propane conference set for Anchorage next week

March 24th, 2011 | Alaska Newspapers Staff Print this article   Email this article  

The Alaska Natural Development Authority announced today that they will be hosting the Alaska North Slope Propane Conference on Thursday, March 31st and Friday, April 1 at the University of Alaska's Commons Building, located at 3700 Sharon Gagnon Lane in Anchorage, a written statement said.

The focus of the propane conference is to bring together stakeholders within the state and nationally to review the numerous current and long-term opportunities in utilizing propane as an alternative fuel to diesel. Propane is highly suitable for use in home heating, cooking, and fleet services, and poses minimal environmental risks when compared to diesel and other fuels. It can also be shipped easily via truck, barge, and rail utilizing freight containers.

Harold Heinze, ANGDA CEO, stated, "ANGDA remains focused on our mission of bringing affordable gas products to all Alaskans. In the event a large or small diameter gas pipeline services our state, there are numerous villages and communities that would never benefit from North Slope natural gas. These same folks will benefit greatly from an alternative such as propane."

The conference agenda contains all facets of the delivery chain for propane and includes a panel discussion with rural community leaders on the potential use of alternative energy resources.

Combining the energy needs in rural Alaska with the potential larger scale opportunities in the mining industry, industrial applications and fleet services creates a very robust and compelling business opportunity.

Friday's keynote address will be Joe Thompson, President of ROUSH CleanTech, introducing the new propane fuel-injected Ford trucks that utilize propane as an attractive alternative to diesel and are well suited for the Alaskan climate. ROUSH plans to have their new Ford 250 propane-fueled vehicle on display during the conference. The conference is available free of charge, but seats are limited.

Here's the agenda [http:/pdf/north_slope_propane_conference.pdf].


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