High-speed broadband service comes to Barrow

Jun 24th 12:25 pm By Shady Grove Oliver

ASTAC and AT&T Wireless bring 4G to the North Slope

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Statewide Stories

Herring benefits heralded by marketing institute

June 24th 11:39 am

Featured in the fine dining showcase will be 5,000 pounds of herring fillets from this year's Togiak fishery There's much more to Alaska herring than roe and bait. To prove that point, nearly 40 of Seattle's finest restaurants and retailers will celebrate [...]

Opinion: Uncertainty complicates crucial predictions about Alaska's future

June 24th 11:38 am

An enormous stockpile of carbon, locked in permafrost beneath the land and waters of Alaska, could be unleashed by rising temperatures, complicating international efforts to curb greenhouse gas emissions. One of the mysteries of the coming decades for Alaska [...]

Opinion: Summer project builds collaboration and deeper sense of community

June 24th 11:38 am

As the solstice sun set on my corner of Alaska, we were screwing the last screws into the floor of a new building platform. I hadn't planned to build anything this year, but necessity is the mother of all invention, they say, and we needed more space right away.

Foam on the water a sign of life and death

June 17th 11:55 am

While sitting in the front of a canoe on a twisty Alaska creek, my daughter asked to steer closer to the riverbank. She wanted to grab some suds. There, caught in the elbows of fallen trees, were quivering mounds of white foam. Foam is floating on most [...]

Pilot program encourages clean boating

June 17th 11:54 am

Inletkeeper has partnered with local businesses to offer incentives for cleaner boating

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Two women dead after raft capsizes in Kongakut River

June 24th 11:55 am

Nevada residents were part of a guided trip in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Ex-police employee admits theft of $100,000 in evidence

June 24th 11:59 am

Solomon will plead guilty to stealing from evidence room, destroying file cases at North Slope Borough Police Department

Dog helps calm Western Alaska boy's autism

June 24th 11:57 am

After six years, family must say goodbye to loyal Lab

Ahmaogak, Brower to face off in runoff election

June 24th 11:54 am

Vote to decide who will be next mayor of North Slope Borough set for July 19

Council OKs crab processing change

June 24th 11:48 am

Decision gives more flexibility regarding who can custom-process Tanner crab

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