Adams takes 5th in Eskimo Stick Pull at NYO

Apr 24th 1:35 pm By Tommy Wells

Kotzebue's Lanette Adams turned more than a few heads with her performance at the 2015 Native Youth Olympics meet in Anchorage. The Northwest Arctic standout finished in the top five in her event on Friday.

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Acoustic Accents celebrates two decades on the air

April 25th 2:25 pm

Public radio show's creator hopes popularity will help keep music flowing through uncertain future

Students protest education cuts

April 25th 2:14 pm

Students, parents, and community members gathered across the state in front of their Legislative Information Offices on Sunday morning and afternoon to protest the proposed cuts to education funding in the state operating budget. Barrow met in front of their [...]

Sablefish pots lost in Prince William Sound

April 25th 2:13 pm

A mile long string of 29 sablefish pots was lost last month in Prince William Sound after being run over by tugs towing barges at Knight Island Passage.

Opinion: Anderson misrepresents legislation

April 25th 2:12 pm

The April 8 opinion piece by Stosh Anderson, "Don Young seeks to unwind 'Alaska Model' for fisheries in Magnuson-Stevens Act," fails to represent the facts of the legislation I introduced to reauthorize the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and [...]

Opinion: U.S. chairmanship of Arctic Council presents numerous challenges

April 25th 2:12 pm

This week, the United States assumes the chairmanship of the Arctic Council, arguably the most important intergovernmental forum among Arctic states.

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GCI hosts customer appreciation event for Dillingham on April 24

April 17th 11:50 am

On April 13, GCI welcomed former Alaska Communications wireless subscribers to the GCI family on Alaska's largest statewide network.

Fischer murder trial set for August

April 25th 5:20 pm

Lawyer building 'heat of passion' defense in 2014 shooting death of assistant district attorney

Opinion: Right to a jury trial marks 800 years

April 25th 2:35 pm

This year is the 800th anniversary of an English document called the "Magna Carta" (or, Great Charter).

Opinion: Four things parents can do to prepare their children for financial success

April 25th 2:36 pm

When was the last time you thought about money? Chances are, it was probably today, since most adults deal with money — in one way or another — on a daily basis. We pay bills and buy groceries. We consider money when weighing job [...]

Arctic delegation offers insight at Maine college

April 25th 5:17 pm

Representatives from the Arctic Marine Mammal Coalition went the distance earlier this month and landed at Bowdoin College's Peary-MacMillan Arctic Museum and Arctic Studies Center in Maine for a chance to share ideas and insight.

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